May 7, 2019
(The sensible taste) Zero calorie sweetener 75 sachets. – For coffee, tea and beverages. – Suitable for cooking and baking. No unpleasant after taste. – New Great Tasting. – Sugar Free. – Aspartame Free – Saccharin Free – Cyclamate Free – Preservatives Free. – Slim Formula – Quality Guaranteed. – Net Wt.: 75 g (75...
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HIGH CLEAN vaginal Douch
Composition: Vaginal douche solution Contains 10 % w/v Indications and Usage: -nonspecific vaginitis -mixed vaginal infections -candidal vaginitis -trichomonal vaginitis -pre-operative preparation of the vagina Dosage & Administration: -in case of vaginitis : the douche used once daily for 14 days , 2 tablespoonful added to one liter of warm water before bedtime -in case...
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Surgical Scrub Composition: Surgical Scrub Contains 7.5 % w/v povidone iodine and is an microbicidal sudsing cleanser that promptly kills a broad spectrum of pathogens . Special mild surfactants make High Cleane suitable for cleansing preoperative patients as well as for pre and post operative scrubbing . it is non-irritating to skin , wounds or...
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High Clean 10%
Antiseptic solution Composition: High Clean Antiseptic solution Contains 10 % w/v povidone iodine and is a broad spectrum microbicide: bactericidal, sporocidal ,fungicidal and virus-inactivating .it is non-irritating to skin , wounds or mucous membranes. it is non-staining to’s activity is not affected by organic materials such as blood or serum .
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