High Performance Pharma (HP PHARMA)

HP Pharma Company discovers, develops, manufactures, distributes, and markets pharmaceutical products for Human, Vet, Bee, Biocidal Product as Antiseptic and Disinfectant in addition to Dietary supplements and Cosmetic products.
All products are licensed from the Egyptian ministry of health
HP Pharma established for operating Pharmaceutical Factory for Manufacturing of all Human and Veterinary Medicines In addition to Cosmetics, Pesticides, Medical extract and Dietary supplement. As well as manufacturing all the above to others (Toll Manufacturing).
HP Pharma Team Work (Pharmacists, Chemist and Engineering) has experience more than 15 years in the pharmaceutical manufacturing field.

They are chosen according to:

  • Planning performance expectations.
  • Determining training and development needs.
  • Establishing recruitment and selection criteria.

HP Pharma factory land is 5585 m² in New Bani-Swief City, Industrial zone, Medical Sector, area 2/72. Bani-Swief. Egypt.