Throsils orange flavor and vitamin c

Contains 100 mg vitamin C, which is very useful during colds and flu.

Double anti-bacterial action with vitamin C.

Helps compensate for vitamin C which can be lost during colds.

To relieve discomfort caused by sore throat with orange flavor

Throsils Best Sore Throat Expert

  • Throsils soothing sore throat gives immediate relief
  • Throsils treats sore throat and associated symptoms such as nasal congestion
  • Throsils for the treatment of mouth ulcers and mild irritations in the mouth
  • Throsils starts in 5 minutes
  • Throsils contains active medical substances from antiseptics to treat pain and sore throat from its roots
  • Throsils contains a double anti-bacterial effect that provides instant and sustained relief for a long time of sore throat.
  • (Throsils contains two active antiseptics (2,4-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol, amyl-metcresol)
  •  Throsils is characterized by more than a flavor
  •  Sugar-free Throsils are suitable for diabetics and those who follow a diet and regime to lose weight
  •  Throsils Lozenges for adults and children over 6 years
  • All types of Throsils free of gluten
  • Place the Throsils Lozenges in your mouth and let it dissolve slowly
  • Throsils can be used every 2 hours with a maximum of 12 servings per day
  •  Throsils is available in pharmacies, supermarkets and all different sales centers
  •  Throsils registered with the Egyptian Ministry of Health

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